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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Three (English)

Chapter Three : Huricane Sungmin

WALKING into the restaurant that his parents chose made Sungmin uneasy. But not a single person there could see what lay underneath his cool exterior. He was wearing a suit but made sure it made him look younger than the businessman that his fathter wanted him to be. He was thinking of arriving in his beach casual attire but thought of the fans that would recognize him in that garb. At the very least, the intense Mr. Perfect look would make him look less like his performing self than a casual outfit.

He looked at the table where his parents were sitting and saw a girl wearing big glasses. She was wearing a pale blue dress with pink peticoat. It was short and made her look younger than she should. He noticed that she was tapping her foot. It was clad in a balerina style shoes.

So she’s nervous. He felt better. There was a chance this girl would bend to his will and come out with the truth. If she wanted his money, then he’ll pay enough to get her out of his life. He didn’t even have to ask for his father’s money. He had his own. He’ll have this gold-digger fangirl out of his life before she could even blink.

SKIPPING a beat would not be the right term for what she felt when he came into view. Floored that was right, she was floored when he came in. He look unlike the Sungnim that she knew from all the drama, shows and concerts that she saw. This was the real one. The tangible, son of a rich businessman Sungmin.

I wonder if he’d like me. She was tearing the tissue paper that she used to wipe off her sweat earlier. She could feel that he was looking at her, examinining her, judging her based on what she was wearing. Suddenly she hoped she was in her regular clothes. At the very least she could handle scrutiny when she was wearing her own clothes. The dress was beautiful and she almost died when she saw how much it cost. But Lady Lee had insisted that it was the best choice for her. She had fairer skin than most Filipinas so it was not a problem for her to wear something so pale.

He greeted his family first and then settled on the chair next to her. His brother was looking at her with a friendly smile. She’s been his tutor for a while so they knew each other a little bit. But Sungmin was a whole different story. No amount of preparation would be enough for the effect being near him had on her. She was hyperventilating in her head but she was normal on the outside. She didn’t trust herself to speak first.

She was glad when he was the one who broke the ice. “Am I that handsome that I can render you speechless?”

Something was wrong, she could feel it. The tone he had and the way he said that was neither cute nor seductive. It was like her was spitting at her without having to do that.

“I guess someone like you don’t have a lot of chances to meet celebrities like myself. It’s a crying shame, if you ask me. I really can’t stand fangirls who go over the line and try to mingle with celebrities. They have no understanding of what our world is really like. It’s pathetic if you think about -” She stood up and bowed towards the couple. Sungyin stood up in surprise so she bowed towards him too.


She could apologize outloud because the tears were threatening to make her voice break. And she refuses to give Sungmin even that.

SUNGMIN had any time to react when his father boomed at him, “If you don’t follow that girl. I will disown you!” his brother gasped and his mother held on to his father to try to calm him.

“Why should I? I am the one who should be walking out. How dare you try to put my life in your hands. You practically disowned me when I became a Super Junior. You told everyone that it was a hobby. It was my job, dad. You are trying to put everything that I did into a neat little hobby kit that you think I would push away when the time comes. Well, I’ve had enough.” he looked at his brother and gave him some advice. “Be brave.” and then to his mother. “I love you.”

With that he walked away from his family. Maybe for the very last time.


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One thought on “My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Three (English)

  1. oww, sungmin that is rude,, well its his dad fault too if his not too much
    guess I just hwave to read the next part

    Posted by purvletlove | Enero 17, 2012, 10:05 umaga

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