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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Thirteen (English)

Chapter 13: He says She says

YOU kissed her, didn’t you?” Donghae waited until they pulled into the hotel parking lot before he actually said it. Sungmin shushed him and they paid the driver before getting out of the cab quietly. The hotel security manager told them that they’d be met by a team near the elevator. True enough two tall men with wrestler bodies greated them. They were in barongs and slacks but Sungmin felt like they were in the presence of either former soldier or thugs.

 Eunhyuk looked at Sungmin and parroted Donghae’s query. “Don’t you think it’s a little too soon to actually fall for that girl? I thought you didn’t like her?”

 Sungmin shrugged at his question which made the two a little irritated. They both hated people who keep things from them. “Or maybe you just felt threatened because Donghae was hitting on her earlier.” Sungmin’s back straightened when Eunhyuk mentioned that aggravating mental image. “Maybe you don’t really like her, you just don’t want to share her with anyone else.”

 “Yeah, I was hoping to have fun with her while we are here. But as it turns out, you like her after all. That’s too bad. I like virgins after a–” Donghae wasn’t able to finish his sentence because Sungmin had already grabbed the guy by the shirt and pushed him to the wall. Sungmin’s temper was never swift, heated or violent so Eunhyuk didn’t realize that Sungmin would react that way.

“Dongsaeng…he was just kidding. Take a chill pill, prince.” Eunhyuk helped Donghae free himself without hurting anyone.

 “Sorry, I am not myself.” Sungmin whispered apologetically.

 “Is this how you always are when you are head over heels over someone? No wonder you lost those girls. You don’t know the rules to the game.” Donghae fixed his shirt. The elevator door opened and they were ushered to their room.

 “What the heck does relationships and rules have to do with each other?” he was not sold to the idea that they were trying to tell him he didn’t know a thing about women.

 “Relationships are full of rules. Women has so much personal preferences and drama that they lay down so many contradicting rules that somewhere, someone one just put them all together and made it like the relationship ultimate self-help book.” Eunhyuk was teasing him as usual.

 “If you don’t know how to handle things, which is the case from what I am seeing, you will lose Jans too. You are rushing into this like she is the only person in the world who has boobs.” Sungmin wanted to snicker but they had a point. These guys, despite all the bullying they did to the dongsaeng, they were really close to him. And they knew how he really was most of the time.

 “What do you think I should do?” he asked them.

“Mellow down. You need to remember that she is a suggestion made by your parents. If you really want to be independent of your father, you need to make a decision now whether the juice is worth the squeeze.” He thought about that and nodded.

 “She definitely is.” He had checked her Facebook and saw her life in the picture that she posted there, at least those on the public folders. She was witty, funny and friendly. She had diverse interests, an interesting sense of fashion as well as two careers, as a musician and as a teacher.

“It’s only been a few days. You can’t possibly tell me that you changed your mind about giving up SuJu and your career just because of a girl.” Donghae was getting scared. He remembered what Sungmin said about giving it all up for a girl. And he didn’t like the idea, not one darn tooting minute.

 “I am not going to get married this month, this year or any year before I am ready. I have a lot of things that I want to do. Having a girlfriend is just one of them.” Eunhae high-fived each other. But Sungmin felt like he was lying to his brothers. Because he was already worrying about how his parents would react when he tells them that he likes her and she likes him. “Besides, we aren’t going to last. I live in Korea, she lives here. I will be gone after a month. I’ll just enjoy her while we are together.”

“Enjoy her, Sungmin, you dog!” Eunhyuk started barking. He threw the guy a glare.

 “Not like that, you perv. I’ll enjoy being with her as long as I can.” he blushed. More than anything, that was something he couldn’t force himself to do until it’s time to be with his beloved. Like her sister said, Jans is pure. He couldn’t taint her until he was sure he could be the man who could give everything up for her.

 His phone rang and he saw a dreaded name. His mother was even worse than her father about the whole wedding thing. She was really into Jans and had even smsed him that if he introduced anyone else to her that his mother would not acknowledge the woman.

He smiled then answered the phone. “Ma, how are you?”

“How was you date, sweetie?” she didn’t even bother answering his question. Right for the jugular, that’s his mom!

 “Eunhyuk and Donghae crashed into my vacation, ruined my disguise and hi-jacked my alone time with Jans.” he stuck his tongue out at his hyungs who signaled for him to be quiet. He put the phone on speakerphone when the two refused to talk to his mom.

“Eunhyuk! Donghae! You boys are too much! It was the only time for my son to be with my future daughter-in-law and you had to do something like that. Tsk tsk tsk.” Sungmin was sniggering because Donghae and Eunhyuk were like extension sons for his mother.

 “We’re sorry. We didn’t know he was coming here to meet his future wife. But eomma, he already kissed her!” Donghae was holding Sungmin’s phone but the latter grabbed it when Donghae revealed what happened.

“Is it true? Did you really do that?” his mom was ecstatic. He was motioning a dirty finger at Donghae who was laughing while rolling in the bed.

 “Not really…” he felt extremely uncomfortable talking to his mother about things like this.

 “What do you mean not really?” she wasn’t the kind to talk half-arsed answers.

“Okay, okay. Just once…she hiccuped the second time.” Eunhyuk joined in on the laughing. His mom heard and also sounded giddy.

“So should I get her measured for her wedding dress?” Sungmin was back where he was before. Only this time, he didn’t mind that his mother was planning his wedding to Jans.

“Ma…I only started getting to know her. I am meeting some of her friends later. I am bringing my hyungs with me. They need girlfriends. I think they like Jans and are trying to take her from me.” he laughed when his mom started to scold the two again via speakerphone.

 He sat on the sofa and smiled for no reason at all except Jans.


“OKAY. So what exactly happened?” Ninz asked the still blushing Jans once they all went back inside the bar to prepare for the party. Jen was on the phone, calling their caterer friend and probably would call the other people they would invite. Mary was tweeting, texting, and blogging the party invitations on her blog, the bar’s fanpage and the invite group. It was the only time they would have to talk. Once the caterers came in, they’d be snowed under with things to do.

 “I don’t know…” Jans was still not snapping out of it. Ninz knotted the muffler she was wearing and pretended to choke her.

“Just tell me what you think happened, crazy.” Jans made a giddy sigh then started to tell her friend what she think happened.

 “I think I am in love with Sungmin.” Ninz made a “weh” sound.

 “We are all know you love Sungmin. You’ve always loved Sungmin the same way I have always thought that licking chocolate syrup off Donghae’s abs would be heavenly. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?(Do we really need to stress that out?)” Jans had to laugh at what her bestfriend said.

 “He kissed me. Almost twice.” she let out a giddier sigh this time. It almost sounded like a “kyah!~”.

 “How can someone almost kiss another person twice?” Ninz was confused.

 “Well, he kissed me once then we were gonna kiss again…”

 “Then we came out?” Ninz wouldn’t forgive herself if that was the case.

 “No, way before that…” she didn’t want to tell her since it was embarrassing and frustrating.

 “Then what happened?” her friend was getting too excited to wait for the rest of the story.

 “I hiccuped.” She whispered.

“You what?” Ninz blurted out

 “I hiccuped.” Jans pretended to have hiccups and made the sound.

Ninz covered her mouth with both hands to stop the laugh from coming out.

 “If you let out a single snort, friend-ship-o-ver.” Jans pointed at Ninz who was getting redder by the second.

Ninz was confident of their friendship so that comment made the dam burst. She let out a hearty laugh and giggled at her friend’s misfortune. Then she stopped when she thought of something bad. “What if he finds out that you don’t really have any plans of being his fiance?”

 “Well, I already told him and his family that whatever happens we are not going to get married this month.” Jans looked at her friend helplessly. “But I don’t know how I am going to tell him that his parents wanted me to help them convince him to leave SuJu so he can be a regular guy. I kinda want him to stay here now.”

 “Don’t be selfish! Other fans need him too. SuJu doesn’t have Kangin and now the other oppas are going to go to military service too. If you take Sungmin from us, we would never forgive you!”

“I thought your bias was for Donghae!” Jans teased her.

“My bias has nothing to do with this. If you ask Sungmin to leave SuJu, friend-ship-o-ver!” Jans laughed this time. Crazy, I would never ask him to do that. But how can we be together is the whole SuJufandom are allowed to mollest him once he goes back to work. I don’t think I can handle it.

 “Stop. Whatever you are thinking of right now. Stop it.” Ninz held Jans’ cheeks then looked her in the eyes. “Just enjoy your time together. Think that it’s a dream. Don’t expect things to go beyond what it was supposed to last. Love like this only comes in fanfictions and dramas. Don’t let all the girls who want to be in your place down just because you are thinking of suburban homes and babies already. For god’s sake, Jans, kiss him for all the women in kpopfandomlandia who can’t! Blog about it if you have to. Take pictures of him without his shirt on for us! Do it for your comrades in kerfagging. Do it for the love of SuJu! Do it for me!” Ninz was face-massagging her so she couldn’t rebuttle.

 “Nod your head if you are going to do it. That you are going to go for it for as long as it’s possible.” Jans nodded.

 It was settled. She should keep her phone fully charged at all time. After all, Sungmin was no Siwon or Yongbae who flaunt their abs often. She’d need to be vigilant if she is to get that shirtless Sungmin picture.

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