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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Sixteen (English)

Chapter 16: Officially Missing you

YOU can’t just mop around and do nothing. We need to go to Bora and find that guy. Then you can talk to him and get all of this emoness out of the way.” Ninz pulled the cover off Jans. Jen was standing at the door with her hands on her waist.

 “You owe us a vacation for giving us a heart attack when you ran off with that guy! And I want to drop kick him just once for being an overdramatic ass.” the girls were pilling it on. Mary was not saying anything however. She was just holding a pint of her favorite icre cream, cookies and crème.

 Jans sat up when she saw it and pouted, “Ice cream.” Mary pulled out four Korean spoons from her pocket and gave her the pint. “Thanks for not judging me.”

“Me? Judge you? I am just coming along so I can legally stalk Eunhyuk oppa.” Ninz hit Mary with the spoon. “I’m kidding…a little bit.”

 A pint of cookies and crème ice cream later, she was sitting cross-legged and getting grinded for quitting her job completely and crying over Sungmin. It’s been three days since he left with Eunhae. She didn’t know that she wouldn’t have a chance to catch up with him.

 It was a good thing that Lady Lee finally put her foot down and had someone track her son. Mr. Lee didn’t want to accept her resignation but she made it impersonal and irrevocable. She didn’t even mention what happened as a reason. She simply said that she was going to focus on the business she had with her sister and Bazooka Janes. None of it was true since she’s been holed up in her room for three days, not one single bath.

 “That is the last pint that we are going to eat. We are going to Bora tomorrow and I am not taking no for an answer. I got those zero rates before. I am not wasting them because your heartbroken. That guy better hide well or I’ll break something of his before you can even get to talk to him.” en was really fired up.

 “If you want to go to Cebu to commit murder, let’s not go.” Mary could get scared easily when Jen was in an “I want to give some ass-whooping” mode.

 “He! Bring your cooking skills when we get there. We might need to poison that craphead.” Jen teased Mary.

 “But I don’t wanna go to jaaaaaaaiiiiil!” Mary pouted. She was like the maknae of the group but she was as old as Jen.

 “Stop being a baby. Don’t you want to extract revenge from Eunhyuk for teasing you without showing you his abs ever?” Jen knew what made Mary raved up.

 “Yeah…I was hoping to see him in his swimming shorts…or less. But I would never poison anyone, it’s against a chef’s oath.” Mary put her right hand on her chest.

 “What is that? The Stuartic Oath?” they laughed at Ninz joke.

 “Fine. I’m going. But I am not going to around asking for closure. He doesn’t want to hear my explanation, then it’s his bad. If he doesn’t feel like what we had was real, then it’s his bad. My mistake was being too nice and helping his hitler dad. I won’t make the same mistake again. I am sure there are other cuties in Bora to oogle.” Jans pulled her hair up in a ponytail.

 “Just as long as you don’t do anything more than oogle. Last time I trusted you on your own, a boy kissed you, made you fall in love with him and then broke your heart. In less than a week’s time. Gesh!” Jen was not gonna let it go.

 “Yes, unni.” she looked at Mary and Ninz then smiled. With her hands up she screamed in triumph, “Bora, prepared to get Bazooka Jane’d!”

 SUNGMIN looked out to the beach from the balcony of the resthouse that their handler got for all of them. The rest of the boys came minus Kangin and Heechul because they were in the military. The others were downstairs trying to get some sun while having breakfast. He wanted to be alone, to think.

 “Stop worrying about it. I am sure she loves you.” the helper, Manang Mina said from behind him. She was taking the sheets to get cleaned and replacing them with new ones.

 “Pardon me?” he didn’t get what she was saying.

 “That woman you are thinking about, she loves you. Stop worrying about her. It’s okay to miss someone. But you shouldn’t frown when you are thinking of the one you love.” she might have been psychic or he was just too transparent.

“Do you really think someone who was paid by my father to stop me from going back to Korea capable of loving me, really loving me in less than three days?” manang Mina was surprised with his question.

“Well, that is more complicated than I thought. But you can’t ask for my opinion since I was not there. If you ask your heart, what does it say?” a wise woman indeed.

“It says I love her and that I am being stupid. That I miss her that I can barely move, laugh or sing.” it was okay to be honest with a complete stranger. It’s not like she has access to gossip sites to spill the beans.

 “Then you should do everything in your power to keep that person in your life. Because if your heart is telling you that you are being stupid and your mind agrees then perhaps you made a mistake somewhere. But never think that loving someone is a mistake. Maybe the timing was just not right or there were some distractions. But loving someone is never wrong. Love in itself is neither good or bad, it’s how we express it or how we share it that is sometimes off-putting.” she continued with what she was doing while she lectured him about love.

 “I miss my grandma now that I am talking to you. She was always telling me nice things. She was very wise.” Manang Mina smiled at him.

 “Well, I am sure if I was your grandma I would scold you for not trusting your heart.” he laughed since it was true. His grandma had supported his dream and his father was not able to say no to his decision because when his grandma was still around, she was the law. But he knew if she was here, she would be the very first one telling him to marry Jans immediately.

 “Thanks, Manang Mina. For the sheets and the advice.” he found a second wind. He was going back to Jans, on his knees if it came to that.

 “I am going back to Manila! When I come back, I promise to be engaged!” some of his hyungs blew out water and juice because of what he said. He didn’t wait for them to react. He went back in and put his stuff back in his bag. Whatever he left behind could be replaced. He just got his gadgets and his personal effects.

 He went out and the larger hyungs had already blocked the door. “I have to go!”

 “You are on quarantine. You are not allowed to go back unless you are with anyone of us or all of us. And you know what will happen if we all go there and attract attention.” Leeteuk had his arms on either side of the door. Yesung had his arms crossed behind him.

 “You still haven’t played with us and now you are leaving us?” Yesung raised an eyebrow at him that made him look down.

“But she might be angry if I stay away longer.” he muttered.

 Donghae came in and gave him his phone. “Call her. You have been calling me hyung even though I am younger than you because you say I have more life experience than you. If I learned anything in my life it’s that if you are going to do something abruptly, you would end up getting more hurt than you anticipated.”

 Ninz number was on the screen. “Why am I calling her?” he asked.

 “Because I don’t have your lovely dovey’s number.” Leeteuk did a facepalm because of what Donghae said.

 The phone was ringing but no answered. He had to leave a message. “Tell Jans I coming back and that I want to talk to her. Please, Ninz help me out. This is Sungmin by the way.” was all he was able to say. He wasn’t going to say his feelings on a message. He preferred to do it in person.

 “Are we going to the airport or not?” Donghae asked.

 “I want to come along too!” Eunhyuk exclaimed.

 “I am going to with you this time. I want to meet this Jans.” their leader, Leeteuk had spoken. “You better not blow it, dongsaeng. I am warning you.”

 Sungmin smiled at his hyung waringly. “I’ll do what I can.”

 Leeteuk crossed his arms. “Do more. When you love someone, really love them, you do more.”

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