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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Six (English)

Chapter 6 : Play me, Date me

 “LET’S go back.” he stood up, still holding Jans hand. He knew that he was making a mistake letting this girl and her bet ruin his vacation, but if it would get his father off his back for good, there would be other vacation times to enjoy.

 “Go back where?” she looked confused as was slightly blushing.

 “To the restaurant. I kind of walked out on my parents. I haven’t done that very often. Stings when I do it. It makes me feel like I might never come back.” he didn’t know why he was saying that to her but she needed context so he gave it to her.

 “I think your dad would be furious.” she stood up anyway and they walked to the door. He opened the bar door for her and she smiled at him. He felt something tilt in his chest and it was like being poked. He ignored it and let go of her hand so she could walk ahead.

 He touched his chest and rubbed it slightly. “That’s something new.”

 “HE’S a gentleman after all.” she whispered to herself and had to press on hand on her chest to keep from gasping in a chirpy kyah. She didn’t want him to know that what he did had any effect on her. The Sungmin in the shows and the videos are very different from this real-life Sungmin. He was not effiminate, not cute but very very manly. And she didn’t want to fall for him more than she already admires him. This is a charade. I can’t be fooled by my own feelings. She took a deep breath and turned around to walk alongside him. He looked startled when she smiled at him as if it was something special. She shook her head again. Stop daydreaming, Jans. Let’s get to work.

 “Are you sure they’d be there when we get there?” she asked him. He gave her a look that meant he hadn’t thought about it. She dialed Lady Lee’s number to check. He must have dialed his brother’s number. No one wanted to talk to his dad right now. She definitely didn’t want to get the negative vibes now.

 “Yes, ma’am. He’s with me. ” Lady Lee told her that Sungmin left. So she had to calm her down first. Then she asked “Are you still in the restaurant?” She finished the call after saying goodbye when Lady Lee said that they were still in the restaurant, eating nervously. “We’re coming over. Please wait for us. Could you please prepare Mr. Lee. I think things are going to get better after this. He just needs to not push Sungmin.” Lady Lee was relieved and she wanted them to hurry up. She had to laugh and tell her that she’ll put on her wings and carry Sungmin to the restaurant as soon as possible.

 When they got to the restaurant, Sungmin’s brother looked extremely releaved. She could guess as much that he was the one who gets scolded whenever his brother storms off. It is hard to have such an emotional brother. It turns out, Sungmin doesn’t use his cuteness to get his way in their family. But having the father that he has might be the reason behind that.

 “So…”Sungmin started and everyone was attentive. She was worried he would say something that would cause more trouble. “Jans and I talked about dating for…a month. This month at most. If I don’t like her enough to marry her SOMEDAY then you have to stop this infernal matchmaking and let me find the person whom I WANT to marry, again in the future, not right now.”

 “I refuse.” his father was really a hard man. “I want you to marry her at the end of the month if you fall in love with her before the end of this month. The preparations would be easy. We will announce your engagement and you can try to fall in love with her this month. If you can’t do that, I will disown you and your brother.” Sungmin almost stood up but she stopped him.

 “I have been keeping my piece out of respect but you have become unreasonable. This might be a match that you chose but I am involved here too. I have things that I want to do and dreams that I am yet able to achieve so you can’t ask me to marry him this month. I will do my best to get to know your son this month and when he decides that he wants to be my real fiance, then and only then can we make an announcement.” She looked at Mr. Lee who didn’t seem to want to budge. But she has, in all her years as a daddy’s girl, been able to device the one thing that fathers were not immune to. “Please…” she said softly and sincerely. Since Mr. Lee, unlike her father, had no daughters he didn’t know that the girly please was the most powerful work in the English language.

 He sighed then looked at his son. “If you do anything stupid to this girl, I will personally make sure you are no longer called the flower boy of your group. Are we clear?”

 Sungmin nodded. He didn’t realize just how much she was in control of the situation. Now he knew. He thought he could play along and wait for the end of the month. She was going to make sure that this particular flower boy would be on his knees for her by the end of the month.

 Dark Jans mode re-engaged.

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3 thoughts on “My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Six (English)

  1. trilled wat is Dark jans up to..

    Posted by aileen | Oktubre 3, 2013, 9:37 umaga
  2. hahaha..i think someone is going to fall..madly..and deeply..:)

    Posted by cutiektine | Enero 31, 2012, 11:38 hapon
  3. sana mahulog sa kaya si sungmin

    Posted by purvletlove | Enero 17, 2012, 5:52 hapon

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