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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Nine (English)

Chapter 9: Papparazzi Avalanche

 “WHERE is that guy?” Jans was tapping her foot in anxiety. She was scared that he would get spotted and her private life would be over in a flash. If news got out that one of the Bazooka Janes was dating a Kpop singer that was the end of it for her. She would get hounded by the kerfags and antis alike. And if Korean netizens scared people, they should meet the trolls that live on gossip in the Philippines. They’d shit bricks when they try to reason with those people.

 “Where is he? He’s late.” Ninz was Jans’ bestie and the lady drummer of Bazooka Janes. She didn’t like the stories that Jans told her about her ex-crush slash fake fiance. Thank God my Donghae is not an evil alien like that pink prince Sungmin.

 “Maybe you should call him.” Jens, Jans’s big sis was always the voice of reason. Techically, she was the voice of Bazooka Janes.

 “I can’t wait to get an autograph!” Mary was almost shrieking. Jans had to cover her mouth and remind her something.

 “You are, in no shape or form, to ask him about any kind of autograph or skinskip. Are we clear? The guy is on the edge. Let’s not spook him by harrassing him. Agreed?” she was holding Mary on both arms and shaking her slightly. After Mary nodded in agreement, she stopped.

“Dizzy.” Mary giggled then held her head. “Really, just call the guy so we can see if he’s real or imaginary.”

Jans dialed the number he gave her and was ready to snap at him when someone else answered the call. She spoke in Korean and asked, “Where is Mr. Lee? Who is this?”

 The guy who answered laughed a little then answered, “He’s busy beating up Donghae. Do you want to leave a message for him?”

 Her ears started to burn from irritation. So the ass was playing with some friends and making her wait. Well he has another thing coming. “I want you to tell that guy what I will tell you verbatim. Word.per.word. Okay?”

“Shoot.” the guy’s voice was amused while hers was angry. “I can put you on speakerphone. Tell him yourself.”

 “Okay. Here goes. ‘Hey, you primadonna! If you don’t get your pink-loving toushie down here in less than ten minutes. I will announce our engagement on national TV. And make sure you have a scandal that would last ten years after you graduate from being an idol!’ Timer starts now!” she ended the call and crossed her arms. The Bazooka Janes clapped. She smiled smugly at them.

 “RUN!” He ran out of his room to press the elevator down button repeatedly. He wanted to use the stairs but the other two would pass out. They were on the 30th floor. He didn’t want to kill his friends.

When they got down, he realized that they didn’t have security. This was not going to be good. The fangirls would have gathered by now and the papparazzi in this country was new to him. He didn’t know if there was any. But he had to risk it.

 He dialled her number and got through after they came out of the elevator. “Jans! Where are you?”

 “At the lobby, where are you?” she answered.

 He saw a couple of cameramen come to them. They made a break for it. And ran to the lobby. “Go to the main door. Get a cab, my friends and I are going to come to you fast.”

 “I am with my friends! We have a band van in the parking lot. What friends?”

 “Donghae and Eunhyuk came with a bunch of reporters earlier, the crazy bastards got me exposed. Now everybody knows I am here too!” he wanted to cuss but he couldn’t, not to a girl directly.

“Okay, we see you!” Jans got off the phone and he heard her call out his name. “Sungmin oppa!” We ran towards her and she saw the three other girls who were with them.

“You two grab a girl and I will take care of Jans and the other one who looks like her. Go! Get to the parking lot!” He ordered his friends and prepared to grab Jans so they could escape the running reporters.

 “Don’t let go of my hand or her hand. Run towards your van.” he stopped shortly, the other two guys were already running away with the girls they grabbed. Donghae got the girl with reddish brown hair and Eunhyuk was running with the girl with glasses. “Let’s go!”

 “I don’t think it’s allowed to run in the lobby!” Jans screamed at him but she was running anyway.

 “Just! Keep! Running!”

 PANTING from all the running that they made, the entire group didn’t have a chance to catch their breath. Ninz got behind the wheel and Donghae sat at the passenger’s seat. Everyone was telling her to get the van started but the thing was not cooperating. She gave a whoop when she managed to get the thing started. There were clapping and hurrays inside the van.

Donghae faced Ninz who had a serious face as she maneuvered the van out of the parking area. When they finally got out and they were in the busy street, just another vehicle in the crowded metro, she sat back and let out a sigh. “That was some exit.”

She glared at him then started to take out her aggrivation. “Next time you are counting your blessings, you should thank your God that I am a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of yours. If you weren’t such a pomposs ass, then you wouldn’t have announced to the world that you were here. You don’t even have a single security agent. God knows what your company was thinking letting manchildren loose on their own. This is not Korea, Mr. Lee. Celebrities get trampled here if they are not properly escorted. And four girls do not consitute a security team and our van is not primed to be a get-away vehicle.” it was a good thing that they were stuck in traffic otherwise, she would have rammed something with the van in anger.

Donghae was thunderstruck that someone so pretty and so cute would be spewing all those things at him. Sungmin has never seen him shell-shocked like that. And somehow he felt better. It might be a Filipina thing. There must be something about them that scares the living daylight’s out of Korean men.

 “You’re…adorable!” Donghae recovered and pinched Ninz’ right cheek. “Gosh, who knew Filipinas were so kawaii.” The guy was mixing languages. Not a very good sign for his sanity.

 “Dong…hae…” Ninz was at a loss for words. The honking brought her back to reality. The light was green and the other cars were already moving. Those behind her were as happy as provoked skunks.

 Ninz blushed, huffed then drove ahead. “And they blush too.” Donghae laughed.

 Be careful, my friend. You can’t be sure when it comes to these girls. They have a way about them. A way that would make a guy feel pain and pleasure yet keep asking for more.

 Sungmin wanted to wipe his face with his right hand but when he raised his hand he was still holding on to Jans. He wiped his forehead with the back of her hand and not his. Jans’ eyes were huge in shock and almost filled her large eyeglasses. He smiled tiredly at her instead of apologize. He leaned back and tried to erase that awful exit. Before he knew it, he was leaning on her shoulder and sleeping.

 He would bet all his pink things that he heard he say, “Sleep well…oppa.”

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