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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Fourteen (English)

Chapter 14 : Party Favors

 “IS anyone having a birthday?” Diana, one of Jans officemates asked her. There were at least twenty people in the party- friends, officemates, Jans and Jen’s parents and little brother Jake.

 “Nah. We just have some friends from Korea who are visiting. So we wanted to make them feel welcome.” Jans knew that Diana would just die when she finds out that the visitors that they were going to entertain was actually three of the once thirteen people she’s been dying to “party” with.

 “Well, if you say so. Either way, I brought this for you. Just as a ty for inviting me.” Diana gave her tickets for the next concert that they wanted to attend. Complementary as usual. Her dad was a big music producer who loved to lavish her daughters’ K-pop addiction. Diana could sing too and sometimes sang with the Bazooka Janes. She didn’t want to get tied down in a band but she was definitely an honorary Jane.

“Thanks! I think once you see the cuties that are coming, you’d shower me with freebies. But promise me that you would neither blog, tweet, nor send pictures online about this party until further notice. Hmkay?” Jans smiled at her tweeter-addicted friend who made a face at her.

“No tweeeeeeeeting?” it sounded longer than it should but Jans had to nod. She left Diana who tweeted that she couldn’t tweet until she got home and had to smile. Thank God that I didn’t get addicted with that one.

 She went upstage and checked the microphone. Everyone looked towards her and listened. “Hi, everyone. No, it’s nobody’s birthday and it’s not the BHQ’s anniversary or anything like that. Tonight, we have some visitors from Korea. My boss and his family.” the people clapped when she gestured towards Mr. Lee, Lady Lee and Sungyin. “Three other people are coming but they decided that it would be better if they did it in a more creative manner. All we are hoping for tonight is that you not post ANYTHING online or tell anyone about them being here. We only have two bouncers and one security guard. I don’t think they can handle the fangirl mob if we tweet, text or post that they are here tonight. Feel free to take videos, pictures and what not. Try to keep them friends only. Hmkay?” the lights dimmed and the spotlight was turned on. Jans beamed and continued, “Please welcome Donghae, Eunhyuk and Sungmin oppa!”

 The music came on as soon as she left the stage. The audience, especially the kpop fans were too shocked to react. But when the stage lights opened their eyes to the truth, there was a collective gasp then an eardrum-shattering scream that made Lady Lee laugh. She was used to hearing about her son’s groups effect on teenagers. But there was not one single woman there under the age of twenty. It was good to know that SuJu was able to grow old with their fans.

 The three were seated on stools and holding wireless microphones. Jans knew that song and was so close to shrieking when they began singing. Oddly enough everyone hushed down when they started to sing.

I’m an ordinary man
Just an ordinary man
The heated stage, numerous lights
The sound of my never tiring heart

When the rhythm starts
Everyone comes to love me
But to me it’s just a dream
Living in an extraordinary world

Backstage, there’s nothing different, I’m an ordinary man
On top of the white keyboard
The lights shining down on me
When I sing a love song

You are there, a light shines
I’m an ordinary man
Believe me more
My stage presence isn’t all of me

Just an ordinary man
Even if there are many people around me
I only see you

At the sound of gorgeous music
I lose myself in it
Inside my life that isn’t so ordinary

You come in
While I’m living
Meeting you is a likelihood
In this world I want to be
The greatest, I want to be your man

I’m an ordinary man
Believe me more
I’m going to protect you from this moment on
Just an ordinary man

As long as I have you, looking at me
I can smile
I can sing and dance
Always because you’re watching me

Calling my name,
I have you, who is so special to me
I’m an ordinary man
Believe me more

Backstage, there’s nothing different
Just an ordinary man
Even if there are many people around me
I only see you

I’m an ordinary man
Believe me more
I’m going to protect you from this moment on

Just an ordinary man
As long as I have you, looking at me
I’m an ordinary man

When they finished the lights went back on and the women were in a frenzy. They took pictures with the guys which wasn’t much of a problem since there were less than eleven of them and there were three guys. Jans wanted to interfer but Ninz held her back.

“You gotta learn how to share if you are going to be his girlfriend.” Ninz said matter-of-factly.

“But I am not going to be his girlfriend!” even Jans didn’t want that to be true.

Ninz made the “weh” sound again to signal her disagreement. Jans was still wondering why she invited so many of her kpop-loving friends. She could have just invited some musician friends who hated pop groups and this wouldn’t be a problem. Now they were all over her…well they were all over the guys…and Sungmin looked like he was thoroughly enjoying it. Traitorous playboy.

SUNGMIN was getting pissed off. He didn’t go to the Philippines to do any events and here he was signing phones and what not. Compared to the controlled environments that he was used to, they were asking for pictures one after the other. Eunhyuk and Donghae was equally harrassed. Once they all got the pictures, Jen stepped in.

 “Ladies, please chill. This is not a fan’s day.” She faced the guys and apologized, “Sorry guys, I didn’t expect this either. But then again, you were the ones who wanted to sing.” Jen smirked then continued, “We all know you guys get more handsome when you sing. So our prim and proper ladies just couldn’t help themselves. They promise not to bother you for pictures or autographs again tonight or friend-ship-o-ver.” the listeners laughed and agreed. They were satisfied after all.It was not everyday that they could get a chance to be in a party with three handsome idols. They all looked like they didn’t want to blow it. Lip balms and powder packs were taken out and re-applied.

 Sungmin could feel the energy of a pack of hunting lioness. The three of them are the gazelles.

Oh crap.

He looked for Jans but she was busy talking to some of her friends. This party is a fail. I can’t even talk to her with all these people around. He ended up sitting on a lounge chair next to someone who was reading something. He looked at it and saw that it was a manga book.

 “Tired of the attention already?” the guy talked to him without even looking up.

 “Yeah.” was all he could answer.

 “I thought you’d be used to it.” the guy resembled Jen and so he thought maybe he was a cousin or something. “My sister doesn’t like guys who are too famous with women. You were an exception, of course.” the guy closed the manga to hold out his hand for a handshake. “Jake, Jake Cabrera.”

 Sungmin shook hands with him and was glad that he had a firm grim. He was taken aback how simple yet good-looking the siblings are. They weren’t the kind whose good looks made it off-putting. But they had the appeal that makes you want to look more, longer and discover something new. His eyes looked for Jans again, she was very kfashion-worthy but she didn’t try to look like a Korean, she had some touches of her culture that she made sure was obvious.

 “She dresses well even for gigs.” Jake confirmed. “They got it from our mom. She is a brilliant fashion guru as far as my sisters are concerned. On the other hand, I take after my father, comfort is a number one priority.”

The guy was in jeans and a muscle black shirt. It didn’t make him look too young but he didn’t look emo either. His hair was a little short in one side and it was longer on the other side. When Jake facd him he almost chocked. He had that haircut before. The other side of the kid’s hair was actually electric blue.

“Nice hair.” was all he could say. Jake stroked his hair a bit.

 “It cost me two hours of a family emergency meeting. But I was able to keep my dad from shaving it off. I am a DJ in a bar so I used my job as an excuse.” Jake leaned backed and snickered. “But actually I just lost a bet. I have to keep my hair like this for a month.”

 Sungmin realized Jake had the same charisma as his sisters, the easy-going aura that lured you in like their looks that made you stare. No-nonsense but not stick-up-their-ass kinda people. He was wondering if their parents were the same.

 Someone coughed then tested the microphone onstage. He knew that voice over all the men in the world. It had sent shivers down his spin when he was a kid. His dad was talking onstage. Bombs were going to drop, he just knew it.

 “We would like to thank our future daughter-in-law Jans and her family for this party.” there was bomb number one. “I have always thought that my son deserved to be with someone who would understand his love for music.” Bomb number two away! “So we are pleased to announce the informal engagement of our son, Sungmin Lee to the very beautiful, very talented Jans Cabrera. If you don’t mind joining us onstage, please.” Bomb number three blew all the visitors’ minds. Jake didn’t look at all surprised.

 “Your parents told me parents and me earlier.” Jake pat him in the back as he stood up slowly. If he didn’t go up there, Jans would be humiliated. If he confirmed their engagement, news of it would spread like wildfire. Jans stopped at the bottom of the stage stairs, waiting for him.

 For the second time that day, Sungmin grabbed her by the hand and ran out of a bad situation.

 This time, Jans looked perfectly content holding his hands.

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