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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter Eight (English)

Chapter 8 : EunHae Surprise

WHERE IS SHE?!? He was tapping his foot in anxiety and he was beginning to think that some people might already be recognizing him. He was thinking it was a bad idea to come out of his room and text her that he would wait for her in the lobby. He counted at least 14 Koreans pass his seat without saying a thing to him. Some were couples, others were businessmen. There was a couple who looked and pointed at him and he was happy that he had a magazine with him. It was a business magazine and reading it was like waiting for paint to dry.

 He heard a commotion near the entrance. There were some cameras that were taking pictures of a group of people who were coming in. He wanted to cuss when he saw the two people he didn’t want to see until next month.

I am going to kill these guys. Donghae was with his bestfriend Eunhyuk. And they were walking towards him!

 “Hey there prince. How’s your vacation so far?” Eunhyuk asked him. He wanted to snarl at the two but he couldn’t. There were cameras.

“Don’” he said through a smile. Donghae and Eunhyuk posed with him for pictures even if he wanted to beat the crap out of them. They were bigger but between the three of them, he was the martial arts expert. He could easily subdue them and end their careers right now. He excused himself and dragged the two to the elevator. The security agents in the hotel were good enough to support them but he still wanted to give the two a piece of his mind in private.

 “What the hell were you thinking coming here?” he was too pissed off to appreciate that his friends were here. He knew that he needed to talk to someone about his Jans problem. But they didn’t have to announce to the press that he was here too. Christ.

“I am sorry your highness, for revealing your true identity. Is that why you colored your hair again? It’s too short now. Your fans would stress out about it.” Donghae didn’t care if he was pissed. They’ve been hanging out a lot together these past few years and his hyung knew how considerate Sungmin was to his fans.

 “Dude, we were scared that you were not going to be able to deal with all of your fans when you come here. We didn’t know that you were coming incognito. You just left without telling any of us where you were having your vacation. We wanted to go to the beach together. The others are flying in for a weekend and we are going to swim with you in Boracay. Your dad has place there, right?” Eunhyuk as usual had everything planned out. It didn’t matter if Sungmin would object.

 “Why am I surrounded by people who want to plan my life for me? This vacation is the worst ever.” he wanted to scream but he couldn’t make a scene. Elevators had cameras too. It would not be a good idea to get caught doing something that can be leaked online and plastered as something negative for the group.

 “Talk to us, dude. That is why we are here.”

“By the end of the month, I have to make sure that I am not in-love with a girl who is giving these disturbing laughter, poking smiles and this really really uncomfortable feeling that I can’t say no to her. If I fall in love with her, I would have to marry her. That or my father would disown me and Sungyin, break my mother’s heart, and I have to live with the fact that I am going to loose a really nice fangirl.”

 “Whoa.” Donghae and Eunhyuk have been friends for more than a decade so they usually do “twin reactions”.

“I have some bad news for you, prince.” Donghae was smirking at him. He looked at Eunhyuk and they shared another telephatic moment. “You are already falling for this girl. And from the way that you look and the things that you said, you are falling hard and falling way too so fast, you are barely aware that you are already there.”

“There where?” he was thinking that they might just be right and he needed to figure it out to reverse things.

“The point of no return.” Eunhyuk cut it. “For some people it takes time. But for some, like you, the point is from the time you stop thinking she is common and the moment that you felt your first poke. It doesn’t matter if you hate the idea of liking her. You already do.”

“Shit.” he didn’t curse often but he couldn’t think of anything else to say to what his groupmate said. “This is not good.” he said with a sigh.

“I think you would make a great bride, prince.” Donghae was not helping. “Are you going to have the wedding here or in Korea?” the guy was asking for a beatdown but he needed to wait for them to get to his room before he bashed his foot at the guy’s pretty boy face. Or at least he can imagine to do it.

 “Shush, man! He might not invite us to his wedding. I vote beach wedding.” Eunhae was ganging up on him, that’s nothing new. He wanted to give them brotherly roundhouse kicks to the face. But he needed their help.

“You two need to use your twin charisma to get this girl to like you instead of me. You need to help me for all the time you two bullyied me!” he was begging them. Eunhae laughed then looked at each other.

“We want to meet her first.”

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  1. friends will be friends..hehehe

    Posted by cutiektine | Pebrero 1, 2012, 11:44 umaga
  2. haha; eunhyuk and donghae

    Posted by purvletlove | Enero 17, 2012, 5:54 hapon

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