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My Heart's Birthday

My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter One (English)

Chapter One: Love in the Philippines?

This is not happening.” Sungmin was muttering to himself again. “They can’t do this to me…”he was pacing back and forth and brushing his hair back and almost tearing all this newly dyed black hair in frustration. He had done all that he could to try to look different from his last public picture to make sure that he could go on a vacation without getting followed by the paparazzi. It was successful so far. SJ was on break for a month and all his activities were delayed as per his dad’s request. His father has been doing a lot of venture businesses in the Philippines and he was ordered to take his vacation there. His mom went wherever his father went so it was a way for him to be with them while on break. Even his brother was having the time of his life in English academy in the Philippines. He said the teachers were pretty.


I don’t need any more pretty girls. I need less, if that was even possible. He has been dating a few girls in his line of work and things have not worked out. He was surrounded by ambitious women or frivilous ones that he lost interest in them after only a few weeks. He has kept it under wraps and made sure no scandal leaked out but he was getting tired of trying to love a women who only thinks of the adoration that other people could give them. He was taking a break from getting his heart broken. He shook his head when he saw the message that his brother, Sungjin, sent him.


‘Hyung. Don’t come. Papa is setting you up. T_T I don’t want you to get married. You are not an old man.’


He wanted to hurl his SamSung Clutch at the wall. This was not happening. He was not ready to give up everything he worked so hard for just to follow that damn family tradition of marrying before he’s thirty. “The younger, the better.” his father had said once.


“It’s better for you to enjoy being with your wife when you are still young. Look at me and your mother, I had not regretted being with her since day one.” Not a lot of people knew that his parents were introduced. His mother appeared to be a meek and shy woman when his father met her but they soon discovered that she was very adventurous and independent. A sordid life with a fiancee he didn’t know didn’t happen to his dad. Despite being a shrewd businessman, his father was a hopeless romantic at heart. It was something that he could understand and perhaps set him up for failure when it came to love because all the guys around him knew how to play with girls’ feelings. He wasn’t raised that way so he couldn’t help it when a girl breaks his heart, he feels like it’s his fault. He’s been targeted by women who wanted to attach their name to him because of his father’s businesses and most recently because of his chosen career. Women like the one that his father would choose to be his wife is probably attracted to either his inheritance or his fame.


He wanted someone to love him for him, just plain Sungmin. Not as the crowned prince of their businesses, not the talent of SM, but as plain music-loving, life-living, laidback Sungmin.


“But that is like asking for a ride to the moon.” he opened the window that led to the terrace of the beach house his father had built on a small piece of land he bought from a local. It was near the best station in Boracay so he was sure that it came with a high price tag. But he couldn’t think of how beautiful the night was, tomorrow he had to face his parents and tell them that yet again, he was going to go against family tradition.


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One thought on “My Heart’s Birthday – Chapter One (English)

  1. hmm interessting ,, I wonder hows his wife gonna be? or soon to be

    Posted by purvletlove | Enero 17, 2012, 6:16 umaga

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