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Ever Since

Chapter 2: Ever Since


“Kinukulit ako ni Ate to go home sa Philippines, as if it’s my last damn option.” Sabay inom nito ng scotch.

“Then go, umuwi ka” she cheerfully exclaimed.

Salubong na kilay niya itong hinarap. “Thanks Eve I really appreciate your support”

“Hey don’t get me wrong okay, I think its long over due, almost eight years you’ve been here and hiding yourself in this far away land, is it not enough reason to go home? ” Heto nanaman to sa mga magical words niya sa loob-loob ng binata.

“I still can’t convince myself, besides I can’t just leave the resort” kunwa’y pag aalala niya.

“Drei, even without you, I and Just can very well manage! Don’t worry about us if that is your concerns. Ha..ha.ha, give it a try, what if you’ll find someone there that will change your life forever” kinikilig na pagkasabi pa nito.

“Ugh, here we go again with your what ifs’ about love” he smiled bitterly.

“Ha..ha..I’m just concern with you, oh tell me, when was it the last time since you’ve had a real relationship, not just a fling?” wari’y hamon pa nito sa kanya.

He stared at the seashore just to find no answer from that kind of question. Kelan na nga ba siya huling nagka girlfriend, fourth year college was the last, si Camille… if she didn’t pass away that early, from then on he never recovers from her and feeling like everyone leaves him that easily, so the rest of the next were all flings.

“See my point, you can’t even answer simple questions” patuloy nito ng walang makuhang sagot sa binata.

“What is it that you two were arguing early at this morning?!” kunot noong tanung ng kararating pa lang na lalake na sabay umakbay kay Eve.

“Oh Babe can you convince this man to immediately pack up and go home to the Philippi -.”

“Wait woah.. why I have this strange feeling that you were on the side of Ate Julia, did she call you?” putol niya rito at halos magpantay na ang kilay niya sa inis.

“Well no, I’d just thought that she really needs you -.”

“Its okay Babe, I’ll talk to him, the other guests needs you at the lobby.” Malambing na pagtataboy nito sa kasintahan dahil alam naman niyang hindi na ito matitigil sa kaka-speech.

“Whatever, Fine” then she kiss his lips sabay baling kay Drei. “I don’t want you to leave, but if that’s the only way to mend your sucking life then I would be glad, ihahatid pa kita sa airport” dagdag pasaring pa nito. “Do consider my opinion little brother.” Sabay exit nito pababa ng terrace.

He grinned “The tiger is out, now your turn, any words to add that haven’t said by your girlfriend?!” baling niya sa pinsan na nakatingin lang sa beach.

“Honestly, they were all right, go home Andrei-” saying it na parang wala man lang makikitang bakas ng emosyon and as if normal lang dito ang ipagtabuyan siya.

This time he moaned with anger “Then you’re telling me that I was wrong? Hell, did you guys planned this?” now his hopeless.

“Man, don’t make me choose between you and Ate Julia, try me, you’ll never like my answer.” Still stiff and determined to command him.

“Bull shit, what is this? I put up everything to this business -” halos mahilamos na niya ang buong mukha ng isang palad niya.

“Apparently, one fourth of the investment is coming from Ate Julia remember? Try to understand, I left no choice -”

“And you chose to drop me just like this?” Galit na galit na talaga siya hindi rito o kung kanino pa man kundi sa mga pinag gagagawa ng Ate niya mapauwi lang siya.



“Joseph didn’t I told you that – ”.

“Jewish, I don’t see any point why you were arguing with me over just a simple dinner! You said to me clearly after we broke up that we can still be friends, why feeling uneasy over a friendly date?” dagdag panunudyo pa nito sa kanya.

– She ran out of excuses ng makita ito sa harap ng main lobby pagkalabas niya ng AIM building at malamang ay hinihintay siya nito for dinner kuno nila. Hindi na rin siya nakatanggi dahil this man can do whatever it takes mapapayag lang siyang sumama rito.

“Don’t worry I’m not after with any of a thing that might you can’t return, we can be friends right?.” Sabay pisil sa mga kamay niya.

At the back of her mind, bakit nga ba siya affected, ‘This is just Joseph, eh afraid nga me sa mga kagaya niya eh’ – hiyaw ng utak niya. Because she’s not that hypocrite to not show sympathy towards men like him, lalo na ngayon that this man in front of her is too good at her sight na anumang oras ay maaari siyang bumigay which is a big slash demerit to her reputation as a play girl, plus her hurting ego towards men will be at great expense.

“Hey are you still here with me? Are you okay?” sunod-sunod na tanung nito ng mapansing nakatitig pa rin siya sa kawalan.

Awtomatiko namang bumalik siya sa katinuan ng mapagtantong niyuyugyog ang kanyang mga balikat “A-ah, Ye-Yeah I’m okay, I’m sorry maybe I’m just tired from work.” Pagsisinungaling na lang niya.

“I see, I think we should eat, you look pale! That’s the effect of overwork.” Nakangiti lang ito na parang napakasaya habang nilalagyan ng side dish ang plate niya.

“I think we should do this more often” anito bago siya makababa ng sasakyan nito at mataman lang nakatitig sa kanya at ngiti lang din ang naging tugon niya rito. “I miss you. I don’t care how many we are in your life, I’m just here, and all you need to do is allow me.”

Bigla siyang napalunok sa statement nito, is she hallucinating or something, tama ba ang mga narinig niya. “I can’t believe you! Only few nowadays are martyrs and can’t accept the fact that you’re one of them.” Napabuntong hininga siya. “Joseph I broke up with you because I don’t think it’s right to hurt someone as good as you.”

“But I’m willing to take chances, it’s not you who will be hurt ako naman hindi ba?” He firmly states and determination is clearly seen on his posture while holding her hands. “You see, since that day on when you decided to end what we had, I feel like my whole life is a mess and now I can’t even picture myself without you!”

“Joseph… please… do-don’t make things hard for you.” Now she’s caught out of guard.

“But I love you the day we were introduced at George’s party, they warned me about you, but still I’m determined to be near you, and believe me from that moment I caught your attention you yourself can tell that I didn’t stop until your mine but suddenly out of luck you’d just end it that soon.” Halos paos na pagkasabi nito.

‘Lagot na talaga I can feel his sincerity malapit na kong bumigay’ mga katagang nasa isip niya at nunca naman niyang isatinig kaya – “Oh Joseph, don’t do this to me, I can’t even find any words to say that might change your mind about this.”

“Then don’t say anything sweetheart” Then in a split second he kissed her, so passionate that she can’t ignore not to answer the same of her sweetest kiss. And now she don’t know if she only let her be kiss by him para matigil lang ito o gusto na niya talaga ang binata or simply infatuated lang siya at this moment because its  been long, yeah right its more than a week since she had this kind of intimacy over her partner. But that’s the mystery over her, how can she manage to stay virgin despite the fact that she dated half of the man in the universe. Precisely her point, yes every man provided that they pass her standards will be near to her that easily but never gets more than that. That’s how she plays. She’ll make them drool over her feet.


Month later

Days slip away and almost a month passed by… but everything was settled perfectly.

“Iha everyone is looking for you, the event is about to start, why still here?” masayang bati nito sa pamangkin ng madatnan ito inside the mini control room ng hotel kung saan kitang kita mula sa glass window nito ang mga nag-sisipag datingan na mga guests for the Ford Motors launch.

“Auntie” she smiled sweetly. “I’m just checking here to make sure everything’s okay, oh I’m a bit nervous, and what if the CEO doesn’t like it.” She exclaimed.

“Well I think he does, I have the chance to meet him just awhile and his really looking for the event organizer to say that he was very please with what you have done, and can’t wait to see how the F120 will looks like within the next” while glancing on her watch “Well within twenty minutes at that center stage.” While staring at the make shift stage that were decorated by laces.

“Now I’m freaking nervous more Auntie” sabay natawa na rin siya. Finally the long preparation of the whole team of AIM is about to come to its judgment. NBC Tent hall started to be filled with crowds, a lot were from high society and from different foreign affairs that were waiting for the launching of brand new F120 which cost 250000 lang naman, ugh not in pesos but in dollars baby!, so imagine what pressure she had on her backbone if something goes wrong tonight.

“Oh don’t be, you deserve compliments young lady, I know how hard that You, Mosh and the whole team had been through due to all the preparations so you all deserve to celebrate tonight. Anyway is Mosh still doesn’t feel okay?”

“Yeah I called him yesterday because he’s at their house sa QC to rest. But I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do about our bet kaya nagsasakit sakitan pa rin siya.”

“Bet!?” takang tanung nito.

“Nothing Auntie, it’s just a petty reason, well I know Mosh kahit siguro bumabagyo basta may party eh pupunta iyon but this time I don’t know his drama baka sumulpot na lang yun from nowhere.”

“You sure? Sayang naman if he wouldn’t come tonight. Anyway let’s go, oh by the way-” Before they enter the hall “You really do look stunning tonight, no wonder you inherit that from us ng mommy mo.” At parehas na silang nagkatawanan.

“Game on!” ang huling nasambit na lang niya sa sarili ng makapasok na siya ng hall while putting on her hearing device to communicate with the rest of the AIM team. While checking out every details of the event ay bigla na lang siyang napadako ng paningin sa lalakeng – ‘lalake nga ba?’. Napaka masculine nito and look so very handsome even just looking his back while talking with some of the male guests.

‘Hay naku bakla nanlalake ka nanaman, kunwari ka pang may sakit, your just making way out of your responsibilities here’ naisip niya. Sabay naging awtomatiko ang pagkilos niya at lumapit rito at iniangkla ang kamay sa braso ng lalake na halata naman niyang nagulat sa ginawa niya but she did not bother to see his face. Now she’s looking with the three men na kausap nito na halata naman ang paghanga sa kanya and even one of them recognizes her.

“Jewish, it’s nice to see you again, you’re prettier than ever!” pambobola pa nito but its true.

“Do I?” patay malisyang tanung niya “Anyway thanks, well guys would you mind if I excuse my friend?” she said it sweetly and she knew na walang tatanggi sa kanya pag ganun kalambing na ang tono niya.

“Ofcourse, our pleasure to please you” sabat na sabi ng isa sa mga ito na naalala niyang si Rob Mathias ng Gold’s Gym no wonder his body is maintained.

“Thanks” she gave them her sweetest possible smile that moment at madaling hinila ang lalakeng inakala niyang si Mosh.

“Naku loka loka ka talagang bading ka, may sakit pala ha at nagdrama ka pa sakin” bulong niya rito and thanks to her five inches high-heeled shoes dahil parang halos kapantay lang niya si Mosh who were 6ft. tall kaya hindi siya masyadong nahihirapang chikahan ito, usually kasi tinitingala pa niya ito at  her 5’6 height, nagtataka naman siya kung bakit kanina pa walang salita ito, at himalang hindi tumututol sa mga pinaggagagawa niya, eh dapat pinagsasabunutan na siya nito knowing na inenterrupt niya ang pakikipaglandian nito sa mga lalakeng yun.

Ngunit hindi pa rin niya ito tinitingnan dahil naiinis pa rin siya- mantakin mong magsinungaling sa kanyang may sakit kuno and can’t attend the party at pabayaan pa siyang mag-isang harapin ang launching na ito, but good thing tumupad ito sa bet nila, iyon na lang ang nagpasaya sa kanya. He was like a real man now and she promise to tease him all throughout the night. Natigil lang siya ng pag lakad habang hila hila pa rin niya itong wari’y bata sa likuran niya ng madala na niya ito sa may terrace ng hall kung saan silang dalawa lang ang tao at halos may kalayuan din sila sa mga bisita.

“Now talk, girl ha give me a better explanation why your this selfish, sabi ko na nga ba at – ” bigla ang ginawa niyang pagharap dito, ngunit hindi niya masyadong maaninag ang mukha nito dahil medyo may kadiliman sabay naman naramdaman niya ang mga labi ng binata na may kung anong sensasyon ang dulot sa kanya. She shivers, the man was kissing her hungrily while passionately caressing her back and pulling her closer. She, on the other hand kissed him back with equally hunger and intensity. Her hands wrapped around the nape of Mosh?. ‘Oh my god, yes Mosh is kissing her, nasisiraan na ba ito?’ naisip niya na siyang biglang nagpabalik naman sa kanyang katinuan, sabay tulak niya sa dibdib nito.

“Moshing?!” takang nasambit na lang niya ng marinig ang boses ng announcer sa stage at magsisimula na ang event, bigla naman ng may narining siyang pamilyar na boses ang tumatawag sa kanya- si Demi na halata namang humahangos at nagmamadali ito.

“Ma’am Jew, start na ng program, kanina pa kayo hinahanap ng Auntie niyo at ni Sir -”

“What are you guys doing here?” takang tanung ng lalakeng kararating pa lamang at agad lumapit kay Jew at umakbay rito.

“Come on, sweetheart the party is about to start” iginiya na siya ni Joseph papunta sa crowd na animo’y hindi napansin na kasama niya kanina si Demi at Mosh?, nalilito man ay wala na siyang nagawa, as if napakabilis ng mga pangyayari at hindi na niya talaga maintindihan.


The highlight of the party started when the CEO of Ford Motors, Mr. Hubert Ford started to announce “Ladies and gents I’m so glad that I have this chance to be here in the Philippines so that I can personally promote our new assembly line that will change the whole car industry here in your country. I guess we should not take this long so tonight I am so proud to unfold the new blazing car that can be turned to sports car… the F120 made and assemble in Prague.”

The music that is like an intro in a major concert sa Araneta ang pumailanlang sa kabuuan ng hall. The make shift center stage are full of laces around with lightings of different shades of color that can be picture elegantly for any man’s eye while the F120 is slowly moving circularly upwards, and the final touch- the roof of the dome opens fantastically and the fireworks started on the sky and everyone was surprise and just stared while applauding.

“Perfect talaga yung naisip mong concept about lace and fireworks at stage, and the open roof! Fantastic!” a tone of amusement was on her Aunt’s voice.

“I just do my job Auntie thanks to the whole team” sinasabi niya ito pero wala naman sa loob niya, nakatuon ang pansin niya sa kahahanap kung nasaan na si Mosh? She haven’t seen him again after what happened kanina – ‘Eh sandali nga bakit ba hinahanap ko siya, ganun ba talaga ang feeling if you were been kiss by a gay? ugh I hate this feeling, it as if his not whoever he is.’ Kinuha niya na ang phone at balak ng tawagan ang kaibigan ng bigla na lang -.


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